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      Professional automation precision machine design manufacturer, undertaking industrial automation electromechanical integrated manufacturing and development, professional spraying equipment, professional dispensing equipment, cutting equipment, burning equipment, spraying machine, dispensing machine , base cutting machine, IC burner

      Competitive Advantage

      RASEM Technology Competitive Advantage

      Our Services

      RASEM Technology provides a full range of optoelectronic, semiconductor packaging and liquid crystal panel industry equipment. It is an enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, and sales services, and plans the most complete process equipment solutions for customers.

      Automation equipment and peripherals

      Provide multi-axis dispensing equipment and various peripheral equipment, and provide customized services.

      Device Evaluation Services

      Provide project evaluation of relevant automation equipment to meet the relevant needs of customer production lines.

      Professional equipment upgrade

      Provide photoAbout automation equipment upgrade service, welcome to inquire.

      Technical Support

      If you have any dispensing problems, please call us to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

      Nano Coating Sprayer
      AS/AF/AG/AR Nano Coating Equipment

      Apply a layer of film on the surface by spraying, so that the light shining on it is scattered (reflected into diffuse reflection) to improve the viewing quality

      Dispenser equipment full range
      A full range of dispensing professional equipment

      Jet type, floor type, online type, water glue lamination, automatic sealant, three-proof glue...etc.

      Arc jet PLUSMA plasma cleaner
      Arc jet PLUSMA plasma cleaning machine

      Can be used in glass substrates, electronic paper, surface of electronic components, growth films, etc. related processes


      Actively deploy various product application areas

      Optoelectronics industry, electronic technology industry, glass touch industry, IC industry application, touch panel industry, other
      Robot and automation system integration design, planning, manufacturing and marketing

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      Primary customer groups

      RASEM Technology
      Rasem Tech Co.,LTD
      Using creativity and technology to create sustainable competitiveness for customers to meet their diverse choices and needs

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